"Harvested as nature intended, crafted for optimal well-being."

To provide you the purest and most effective probiotic products, we source only the most natural and living ingredients.  Our coconut water kefir is an artisanal blend, undergoing a delicate, small batch fermentation; the result being a serious probiotic for those seeking the expansive benefits of a resilient gut flora.

Our Journey

Here at thirty-two degrees, our passion is providing you the most pure and effective products available. Our coconut water is produced only on USDA certified organic farms and we select only the most efficacious living cultures, ensuring you receive the most raw and living probiotic experience.

From our coconut kefir fans

This stuff is for real...


I am obsessed with this stuff!


I have the highest regard for the company, their excellent customer service and will continue using their products daily.


My gut is very happy with me now!


Such a great experience.