Check Our Counts

As anyone that has read through our website knows, we are all about transparency over here at thirty-two degrees!  Most products claiming probiotic content simply use powders, which as we should know now, retain no real probiotic benefit. Even companies that do ferment and display a CFU claim on their labels are liars! Well, not as simple as that, but the tested counts, according to our results, are always much lower than their claims.

This is why we've decided to shake up the probiotics industry and begin showing you the quantities of bacteria that are in our products. Every 2-4 weeks we will post the actual document we receive from our testing lab. We have a LACTIC test performed on our samples, meaning only the beneficial bacteria are counted; because that's what matters!

Some tips if you want to check things out:

Here's the super probiotic math to convert the number on the test form into a standard 2oz serving of our products.

Multiply the number by 56.70 to convert from one gram to two fl.oz.

The sample number can be aligned with the last three numbers on the date sticker of your bottle so you can literally see how many probiotics are in the bottle in your fridge! For example:

018290>290 is the sample description on the form (this system of sample naming began after lot 018206).

We are excited to show you that we care about the efficacy of our products; plus, not to brag, but we can assure you no one else is going to do this because it would only prove they have been misinforming their customers. We will strive to post monthly, if not more frequently, beginning in 2019.


Samples - Click a link below

Sample 164 - 3,572,100,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 170 - 16,443,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 206 - 14,742,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 212 - 130,410,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 235 - 24,381,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 290 - 124,740,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 039 - 357,210,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 055 - 13,608,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 064 - 14,175,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 081 - 31,752,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 102 - 14,742,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 113 - 96,390,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 126 - 19,845,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 151 - 85,050,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 226 - 198,450,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 253 - 306,180,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.

Sample 277 - 181,440,000,000 CFUs/2 fl. oz.