Our Difference

A True Probiotic

When comparing our coconut water kefir to other liquid probiotics, mainly mass- produced kombucha and conglomerates like KeVita, the differences are staggering. These products are mostly filtered water and lack any real probiotic benefits. They use powders (dormant cells) as their source of probiotics and enhance their flavor with concentrates and sugars (lots of it) or sweeteners. These dormant cells have almost no capacity to populate your gut and the sugars used only add to the issue of yeast overpopulation that has been linked to inflammation, Candida, fatigue, and countless other issues. In other words, if you are consuming these products and have yet to feel a difference in your body, the reasons above are to blame. Our coconut water kefir is different; it is produced using only certified organic coconut water that undergoes a true fermentation in small batches to populate its contents with billions of beneficial, living bacteria. You will notice the benefits within three days of use.

Probiotics are not a trendy supplement or another piece of frivolous health industry propaganda, they are a vital part of any healthy lifestyle and are a necessity for anybody who is making the journey to heal their gut and return their body to a state of natural equilibrium. Our coconut water kefir is the most effective and accessible probiotic available, packed with billions of living bacteria within the rich matrix of organic coconut water, it is specifically crafted to heal your gut and help you maintain a healthy, happy life. No lies, no outrageous claims, just a natural product crafted to perform exactly as described.


It's All in the Ingredients (Shocking)

We have all read about the ranking of produce in relation to levels of pesticide use, under article headlines like, "Produce: The Dirty Dozen.," with grapes and berries usually clinching the title for the highest concentrations. However, young coconuts normally don't appear on these lists on account of mainly being sold to further processing operations rather than fresh retail environments. Securing USDA certified organic coconuts for the production of our products was imperative in maintaining our ideals due to the great divide between conventional and organic production. In conventional systems, young coconuts are produced using synthetic fertilizers and fungicides to aid in disease resistance and yield. Furthermore, upon harvest, the protective outer husk is removed from the coconuts and they are soaked in a solution of bleaching agents and preservation sulfites. Organic isn't always an absolute necessity in regards to avoiding pesticide contamination, but in the production of young coconuts, the answer is definitive.

The cultures used in our products are completely active and alive from the time they begin life to the time they enter your body. We decided we wanted our cultures to be as pure as possible, which is why we do not use frozen or freeze-dried powders, but rather have the cultures produced within the same coconut water used in crafting our products. This means our cultures are free of additives like inulin and soy lecithin, but full of powerful, living bacteria.

Sweetener Schweetener! Our coconut water kefir doesn't need any sweetener to taste fantastic. Sadly, the modern food industry has become so obsessed with sugar that we are predisposed to find anything with less than 20 grams of sugar bland. Fruit (in this case, drupe!) is nature's candy, that's why we let our products speak to you in their most pure form.