About Us

About Us

Founded and produced by Garret and Amanda, a couple with firsthand experience in the expansive benefits of gut health, thirty-two degrees aims to realign the realities of honest food and produce great products that you'll love. With academic and employment experience in organic agriculture and holistic health, Amanda and I began to feel disconnected from the modern movement toward healthy foods. It seemed that even foods with a seemingly authentic mission lacked substance; there was an inherent disconnect from farm to fork, and the actual composition of the products was lacking. There were these awe-inspiring stories of companies emerging from circumstances that drew immense emotion, but in the end were empty and disingenuous. We aren’t here to bash anyone’s ideas or products, nor are we a large enough company to support such behavior ;) However, we are not here to lie or mislead anyone; our company is just as much about values and character as it is about food; and we have become tired of the bad aftertaste engendered by those seeking to profit off the real experiences of consumers that they only pretend to understand.

Our philosophy has always been that food should be just that, food; a few simple, wholesome ingredients, a natural process, and adherence to the principles of equitable sustainability; fulfilling social, economic, and environmental facets; a sort of sacred commerce.

Our Journey

After experiencing for some time the profound, and sometimes exhausting reality of balancing health and personal growth, we set out to integrate into our life a raw probiotic that retained efficacy without sacrificing integrity.

We came to the realization that the diversity of probiotic products was next to none; even the most raw and living probiotic beverages available contained jaw-dropping amounts of added sugars, sweeteners, and other ingredients that had no place in a product claiming to be alive.

But the best was yet to come, or so we thought. Coconut water kefir is vegan, soy and gluten-free, and contains more probiotics in a few drops than can be counted on one-hundred million hands! With only a few simple ingredients and a life-friendly production process, we were in love. One major downfall, however, in the coconut water kefir available today is the presence of conventionally produced coconuts. We found that although young coconuts can be produced in a very natural, sometimes pristine setting, once harvested, they enter a very different environment. By the time young coconuts leave their port of origin, they have undergone an unfortunate transformation, their protective outer cover has been removed and has been replaced with a heavy dose of fungicides and plastic wrap. The reason: these coconuts are being prepared for an ocean voyage of up to two months until they reach port in Long Beach, CA. The result: a lack of transparency about the purity of coconut water kefir and a product that was disingenuous and failed to deliver the experience it claimed.

In the coming year we found a solution to this issue of ocean transport, which allowed us to create the most natural and living product available. thirty-two degrees coconut water kefir is the only coconut water kefir produced using only USDA certified organic coconuts. The flavor, aroma, and purity are without compare, something you can confirm the first time you take a sip.

We live by the belief that the food with which we choose to nourish ourselves is of deep importance for us and our global environment. That's why you can be confident that when you consume our coconut water kefir you are nourishing your mind and body with an authentic product, crafted to help you attain your optimal being.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  We do not endorse any claims made by our consumers.